The Company

Arthur King is an enterprise of Green Ocean Global Limited. We are a British estate agency company dealing with a wide variety of services which include property investment, sales, lettings, residential developments, student accommodations, embassy legislations and property management.

We offer an extensive portfolio of UK and international properties to individual investors, allowing them to gain the rewards. As a residential and commercial developer, we invest capital to improve the lives of our investors, our employees and we accomplish this by combining trust, innovative investment strategies, a seasoned senior management team and hard work to create solutions that achieve our client’s real estate investment objectives.


Create a community where real estate investments are better, easier and simpler compared to the way it is done presently. We want individual’s lives to be better, so that everyone’s life is better. Help us to help you in establishing that vision by making us world’s top real estate investment solution firm.


Make real estate easy and simple we bring to you a one stop shop ‘Arthur King’. This is the hub where we guide you from inception to completion with the help of services offered at Arthur King.


Trust: A profitable investment by sitting many miles away can be achieved by trust.
Honesty and Integrity: Trust is built on honesty and we aspire to do what is right, fair and ethical.
Communication: To build the trust, honesty we share every step and detail with you so you can enjoy the journey to real estate investment.
Entrepreneurial: We encourage open communication, creativity, flexibility, and innovative approaches to everything that we do.
Quality: But none of the above would exist if we are not serious about our quality. Therefore, we strive for professional excellence to the highest standards without losing our focus from the goals of the project.
Customer Satisfaction: At Arthur King, everything depends on everything, therefore when we can gain your trust by communicating with you our entrepreneurial streaks and providing a quality work all in your favour, customer satisfaction will be redefined.

Our Team