Embassy Legislation

"Converting transactions into relationships"

For Buying and Selling Real Estate internationally attestation and legalisation of documents are required which are being presented in a country which is not party to The Hague Convention. This typically involves Apostille attached to the document and then carrying out further legalisation through the embassy of that country
Legalising documents for use in foreign counties is often a time-consuming task. This involves working with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, embassies and consulates.

  • Arthur King’s experience in submitting the documents correctly ensures that the process is completed efficiently without delay. We can assist you whether you are based in the UK or living abroad.
  • Our embassy legalisation service saves you time researching how to prepare, certify and submit documents to the various embassies.
  • Instead of guessing how to legalise your documents let our team of expert’s hand process your order with ease.
  • Our fully inclusive service ensures documents are legalised as quickly as possible.
  • We can assist you with the apostille service if required to help speed up processing times.
  • We hand deliver and collect documents from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office before submitting the documents to the relevant embassy.
  • Your documents security is our priority.

Procedure and cost varies from one embassy to another, and even from one document type to another, therefore it is not possible to list all the prices for our embassy legislation services on this website. Please contact us at info@arthurking.co.uk for further information.